Alıntı No Politics, Man: Oak Ridge Boys Thrill Heritage Audience in Visit

By Todd Thurman

The Oaks (from left: Allen, Bonsall Golden, Sterban) “play” Heritage. Photo: Steven Purcell Photography

That wasn’t “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson who pulled up to The Heritage Foundation yesterday. It was bearded baritone William Lee Golden—and he brought along the rest of the legendary Oak Ridge Boys.

Yup, the veteran country-gospel quartet made a surprise visit to Heritage at noon, delighting the assembled crowd of staff and guests. It wasn’t for a concert, but an informal question-and-answer session in the seventh-floor Allison Auditorium.

The Oak Ridge Boys as fans know them—lead singer Duane Allen, tenor Joe Bonsall and bass singer Richard Sterban Devamını oku…

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